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Welcome our three creative travelers preparing to set off to the 2022 East-West Residency in Brussels.




Meet the Creative Travelers

Tigran Arakelyan_edited.jpg
- Tigran Arakelyan -
Art Director and Animator

A trailblazing art director and animator, Tigran Arakelyan is mapping Armenia's animation landscape. A visionary creator, he founded OnOff Studio, a creative lab briniging Armenian animation to the international scene. Tigran's notable works include the critically acclaimed documentary animated film Aurora's Sunrise (2022). During his residency in Brussels, he will complete the script of Zako, a feature animation taking place during World War II.
- Gayane Avetisyan -
Visual Artist 

A refreshing visual artist, Gayane Avetisyan is shaking up the contemporary art scene. Pondering over the questions of identity, self-hood, and existence, her thought-provoking artworks have been capturing imaginations. Gayane has also been a resident at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Russia, and her works have been exhibited at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Yerevan. Throughout her residency, she will embrace the vibrant culture of Brussels and explore varied angles of identity through her art.
Anna Davtyan_edited.jpg
- Anna Davtyan -

A poignant writer, Anna Davtyan uses her literary talent to tell stories that are both personal and universal. She devoted her pen to revealing the potent issues of Armenia today. Anna's previous works include the poetry collection Book of Gratitude (2012) and a critically acclaimed novel Khanna (2020). At her residency in Brussels, she will work on a new novel reflecting on the losses of the 2020 Artsakh (Karabakh) war.

What is East-West Residency? 



Travel to the Villa Empain – one of the most creative destinations in Europe – and work on your creative projects. 



Meet cultural leaders, mentors, and other artists and forge new collaborations and lasting friendships.



Delve into the unique and breathtaking atmosphere of the Villa Empain that inspires creativity and innovation. 

Take a tour

Located at the heart of Europe in Brussels, the Villa Empain is a breathtaking location that has something for every artist: from a vast library and spacious studio to an open-air pool and cutting-edge exhibition spaces.

A partnership between Armenia and Europe.

The East-West Residency is a partnership of Creative Armenia, the Boghossian Foundation, and Armenia's Ministry of Culture, which came up together to support Armenian artists and propel their voices to the international stages. 
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